Black and mugwort beauty enzyme FAQ

Black and mugwort beauty enzyme

[About the product]

Q: What are the main ingredients
A: Wildflowers, mainly mugwort. Unlike vegetables and fruits that are artificially bred, wildflowers inherit their natural power. Wildflowers have strong vitality and contain many medicinal ingredients that boost immunity, including vitamins and minerals. By preparing large quantities of these wild herbs and fermenting them, we make it easier for the body to absorb many useful ingredients.
By adding concentrated black material extract, which is said to be good for body building for pregnancy and anti-aging care, we have created an enzyme that is even more beneficial to women's bodies.

Q: How many kinds of raw materials are there ?
A: It is made with 85 types of wildflowers, vegetables, fruits, and seaweed. Details can be found on the product page.

Q: Where is it made ?
A: The Joetsu region of Niigata Prefecture. Joetsu is an area where fermentation culture has flourished since ancient times. This is because all the conditions necessary for fermentation are present. The climate is humid throughout the year (low and humid, high and humid), making it ideal for microorganisms to carry out fermentation. When making enzymes, the raw materials and fermentation vessels are important, but the climate is also very important. ``Black and Mugwort Bikan Enzyme'' takes advantage of the characteristics of this climate and is manufactured at ``normal temperature and humidity'' without any special adjustments to temperature or humidity.

Q: What is "temperature/humidity" ?
A: It is a temperature and humidity that takes advantage of the characteristics of the climate without intentionally adjusting the temperature or humidity. Because the temperature varies by as much as 30 degrees Celsius per year, weak bacteria die or are overtaken by other bacteria. Allowing only powerful bacteria to survive leads to the production of many functional components, including enzymes.
Q: What is the advantage of the jar manufacturing method ?
A: Ceramic jars (from Yixing, China) are used for fermentation and aging. Unlike polyester or stainless steel tanks, ceramic jars use their far-infrared rays and breathability to stimulate the movement of fermenting bacteria, creating a flavorful and rich enzyme stock solution. Additionally, the unique shape of the jar promotes natural convection of the enzyme stock solution.

Q: Why fermentation in ceramic jars ?
A: Ceramic jars use far infrared rays to increase the activity of bacteria and promote better fermentation. In addition, this synergistic effect further accelerates ripening and produces metabolic products, resulting in a mellow, full-bodied flavor. Therefore, we use ceramic jars.
The reason why we stir the rice bran bed by hand every day is because fermenting bacteria are living things and need to be aerated and allowed to breathe. Ceramic jars have countless small holes, creating a very good environment for bacteria to breathe easily.

Q: There are enzymes that are aged for 2 or 3 years, but is it okay to aged for about 1 year ?
A: We believe that one year is sufficient due to the characteristics of ceramic jars.
* Fermentation vessels vary depending on the manufacturer, such as plastic tanks, wooden barrels, and stainless steel tanks.

Q: Why is it sweet ?
A: For fermentation, we use fermentation bacteria (yeast, koji, lactic acid bacteria) and add sugars (molasses, brown sugar, oligosaccharides) that have mineral content as food for the bacteria to work better. Masu.
*We do not use any refined white sugar or food additive sweeteners.
In addition, sugar alcohols such as mannitol are naturally produced during the fermentation process, which increases the sweetness.

Q: When should I take it ?
A: Basically, you can take it at any time, but it is recommended to take it on an empty stomach as absorption will be better. In other words, if you are aiming for health, it is recommended to use it in the morning, and if you are aiming for beauty, it is recommended to use it at night.

Q: How should I drink it ?
A: We recommend eating it as is. If you think it is too strong, please dilute it with water, lukewarm water, milk, soy milk, carbonated water, etc. We also recommend serving it with plain yogurt instead of syrup.

Q: What is it effective for ?
A: It's not a medicine, so I can't claim any efficacy. Based on customer experiences, there are some who have seen improvements in constipation, sensitivity to cold, fatigue, PMS , insomnia, and improvements in their skin and hair.

Q: Should I continue drinking it ?
A: We recommend that you continue. By continuing to take Black and Mugwort Bikan Enzyme in the same way as you would take meals every day, it will help you build your body on a daily basis. We recommend that you continue to consume it as much as possible to maintain your health.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount I can drink in a day ?
A: Since it is a food product, there is no particular rule, but the recommended amount per day is 1 packet ( 5g) . However, if you are on a calorie restriction, please read the nutritional information and be careful not to over-consume.

Q: Is it safe ?
A: We perform pesticide residue analysis, radioactivity analysis (cesium, iodine), arsenic heavy metal analysis, acute toxicity test analysis, etc. In addition, we conduct microbial testing (general bacteria count, coliform bacteria) before shipping products.

Q: Does it contain any allergens ?
A: Contains apples, soybeans, and sesame (recommended allergens).

Q: How do I save it ?
A: If the package is unopened, please store it in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight and places with high temperatures and humidity.

Q: What is the expiration date ?
A: It is printed on the package, so please check it.

Q: Can anyone drink it? Also, what kind of people drink it?
A: Basically, anyone can drink it. This is a safe fermented food made from fermented and aged plants, so you can enjoy it with confidence. In addition, it is enjoyed by a variety of people who wish to stay healthy, regardless of age or gender.
* If you are taking medication or visiting the hospital and are concerned about the interaction with other medications, please consult your doctor.

Q: Can I take it while pregnant or breastfeeding ?
A: This is a safe fermented food made from fermented and aged plants, so you can eat it with confidence, but if you have any concerns, please consult your doctor.

Q: Can I give it to babies (infants) ?
A: This product is manufactured for adults, so please consult your doctor.

Q: Is it safe for children to drink ?
A: Since it is a food product, there is basically no problem. However, since it is manufactured for adults, we recommend reducing the amount or mixing it with other foods when giving it to children.

Q: I am taking medication, is it okay to use it together ?
A: Please consult your family doctor.

[About regular purchase]

Q: Is there a contract period for "regular purchase"?
A: There are no restrictions. You can apply with confidence.

Q: Can I change the next delivery date or delivery cycle for "regular purchase"?
A: You can easily change your subscription from the "Subscription List" on your account page.

Q: Is there a shipping charge for "regular purchase"?
A: Please check the link for details as it follows our store's shipping policy .

Q: Where can I cancel my "regular purchase"?

A: You can cancel your subscription from the "Subscription List" on your account page. Please click on the "Cancel button" at the bottom.

Q: What is "membership rank"?
A: This is a service where the discount rate increases depending on the cumulative purchase amount of the regular purchase.
・Regular member: Cumulative purchase amount ~44,999 yen
→11% OFF regular purchase benefits (7,834 yen including tax)
・Bronze member: Cumulative purchase amount from 45,000 yen
  →Additional 1% OFF from 7,834 yen including tax!
・Silver member: Cumulative purchase amount from 90,000 yen
  →Additional 2% OFF from 7,834 yen including tax!
Gold member: Cumulative purchase amount from 180,000 yen
  →Additional 3% OFF from 7,834 yen including tax!
*Please note that regular purchase amounts will not be added.

Q: What will happen to my "membership rank" if I cancel my subscription?
A: Your membership rank will be reset. Please consider changing the frequency.

Q: Where can I check my "membership rank"?
A: You can check from the "Regular Purchase List" on My Page.

Q: Will regular purchases made before July 2023 be reflected in the cumulative purchase amount?
A: We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding as the system does not allow retroactive changes.

[About purchasing a 7-day trial]

Q: What does "one time per person, one item limit" mean?

A: We will offer it at a special price for you to try it out. You can purchase up to one item only once per customer account. Please understand that multiple purchases or multiple purchases are not possible.

Q: Can I create another account and make a second or third purchase?
A: You cannot purchase it. If the system detects that it is the same person, your account may be suspended. Please understand the purpose of the trial version before purchasing.

Q: I would like to purchase ``7 packets'' at the regular price.
A : At Claro Amazon store / Claro Mercari store / Claro Qoo10 store , we sell "7 packs" of products for 2,280 yen (tax included).

Q: Regarding the “shipping fee” for the trial version.
A: We will ship nationwide with free shipping. However, if purchased with other items, the store's shipping policy will apply.

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Black and mugwort beauty enzyme

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