Fragrant roasted malt tea Frequently asked questions

Fragrant roasted malt tea

Q.What is fried malt?

A. Roasted malt is roasted germinated barley. In Oriental medicine, roasted malt is said to be good for promoting digestion, weaning, and relieving breast tenderness.For this reason, in China, it has long been used to support women who want to adjust their lunar rhythms and those who are concerned about the side effects of medicine. It has become. It contains many nutrients such as amylase, which is involved in digestion, and vitamin B, which promotes lipid metabolism and promotes healthy skin and hair.

Q. How should I drink it?
A. Our roasted malt tea is a set of roasted malt tea and a blend of Japanese and Chinese ingredients, and we recommend boiling the tea and the blend of Japanese and Chinese ingredients together. You can also customize it to your liking by adding toppings (sold separately).

Q.What type of fried malt tea is it?
A.It is a tea bag type, so it is easy to prepare.

Q.What is "Claro blend"?
A.This is an original blend of ``jujube,'' ``goji berry,'' and ``orange peel,'' which are said to be particularly good for women's bodies. By brewing it together with roasted malt tea, you will get a delicious and easy-to-continue roasted malt tea.

Q. Is it okay to eat the contents (roasted malt) of the tea after it has been boiled?
A. Do not consume the tea bag after boiling, but throw it away (the contents cannot be eaten). The blend ( Claroblend ) boiled together can be enjoyed as is with tea, or you can enjoy it in a variety of ways, such as pouring it over yogurt.

Q.When should I take it?
A. Since it is tea, you can basically enjoy it anytime. If you are trying to improve your bowel movements, we recommend eating it after a greasy meal as it will help you feel refreshed.

Q. Is it okay to drink during pregnancy? Q: Is it safe to drink during pregnancy?
A. This tea is recommended before pregnancy, so please avoid it if you are pregnant.

Q. Is it okay to drink it while breastfeeding?
A. Please refrain from using it as it may worsen breast milk production.

Q.Is it safe?
Conducted sensory tests and pesticide residue tests. Processed in a pharmaceutical GMP compliant factory, so you can enjoy it with peace of mind.

Q. How should I store it?
A. Please store away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity. Please consume as soon as possible after opening.

香ばし焙煎の炒麦芽茶 炒麦芽 高プロラクチン血症 断乳 お茶 Claro クラロ

For body building for pregnancy, intestinal activity, and weaning.

Fragrant roasted malt tea

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