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Black and mugwort beauty enzyme special gift bag

Black and mugwort beauty enzyme special gift bag

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Introducing a special gift bag for “Black and Mugwort Bikan Enzyme”

Black and mugwort beauty enzyme gift bag
``Black and Mugwort Bikan Enzyme'' is often chosen as a gift for friends and family, or as a souvenir for business partners.

In particular, as gifts for business partners, we offer happy gifts such as ``Healthy foods are a great conversation topic,'' ``They don't look cheap when handed over,'' ``I like that they're not bulky,'' and ``The customer's wife was pleased.'' As well as hearing your feedback, we are also receiving repeat orders.

In response to the requests we have received many times, ``I want you to make a special paper bag,'' we have prepared a gift bag (paper bag) specifically for ``Black and Mugwort Bikan Enzyme.''

Based on the concept of ``you'll be happy the moment you receive it,'' the base color is calm gray, and the string is pink, which is also the color of Bikan Enzyme. The stylish shape and color make it easy for both men and women to hold, and the one-handle handle gives it a more sophisticated look. The size is such that a box of 30 sachets of ``Black and Mugwort Bikan Enzyme'' can fit neatly into it.

◇Product specifications
・Material: Paper
└Height 22cm *Does not include handle
└Width 15cm
└Depth 7cm *gusset width
└Body dark gray
└Handle pink

◇How to insert the product
1.Put the product in the bag
2. Fold the part that will become the lid towards the handle side (pink handle side)
3. Insert the flaps at both ends of the lid into both sides of the bag.
4. Pass the handle through the hole and complete
(There is also a video at the end of the product image)

*Due to the nature of paper, it is prone to fingerprints, etc. Please be careful when assembling.

Please use this gift bag as a souvenir or present.

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