~For pregnancy, aging care, and intestinal health~

“Black and mugwort beauty enzyme”

① Trial version (7 packages)

Black and mugwort beauty enzyme/trial

Concentrated paste type 7 packets
1 piece per person / 1 time only ``1,000 yen including tax''

A 7-day trial version that responds to the voice of "I want to try it!"
Please come and experience the latest original enzymes that are particular about taste, ingredients, and ease of use.

✓One-time special price per person

✓ Free shipping

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② Special value regular delivery (30 packages)

Black and mugwort beauty enzyme/regular delivery

Concentrated paste type 30 packets
First time 6,480 yen, subsequent 7,834 yen (tax included)

✓ Save money forever! Member rank discounts too!
✓ “No binding” contract period
✓ Can be set to "Monthly" or "Weekly" ✓ Pre-email allows peace of mind from the second time onwards ✓ Easy to change delivery date and cancel

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③Regular product (30 packages)

Black and mugwort beauty enzyme/Regular purchase

Concentrated paste type 30 packets
8,802 yen including tax

✓ Can be purchased in single units ✓ Deliciousness that overturns the image of enzymes ✓ Contains 30% black material extract that is good for the body ✓ Convenient as it is a concentrated stick type ✓ No unnecessary ingredients used

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④Special gift bag

黒とよもぎの美漢酵素  妊活 美容 エイジングケア 花嫁

Black and mugwort beauty enzyme special gift bag

Great as a gift or souvenir for your business partners.
330 yen including tax

✓ Size that fits a 30-pack product neatly ✓ Stylish shape and color ✓ Original bag designed exclusively for you

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It is being published one after another in Media!

  • 黒とよもぎの美漢酵素
  • 黒とよもぎの美漢酵素
  • 黒とよもぎの美漢酵素

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