Recruiting Claro “Bride” Ambassadors

Our original enzyme ``Black and Mugwort Beauty Enzyme'' is based on the wisdom of Chinese medicine and contains 30% concentrated extracts of ingredients ``black rice, black soybean, black sesame, black wood ear mushroom, and black vinegar'' that are said to be good for beauty. %, making it an authentic enzyme made from a total of 85 types of raw materials.

After the product went on sale, we have received positive feedback from customers who have used the product, such as, ``My facial skin is moisturized,'' ``My face is more shiny,'' and ``My face is brighter because I sleep better.'' . In addition, as a pregnancy support product, we have taken safety into account, including no additives, and have received good reviews for the fact that you can drink it with confidence.

Due to the characteristics of this ``Black and Mugwort Beauty Enzyme'', we have strengthened our proposal as a support product for pre-brides who are polishing their beauty in preparation for the wedding reception, and for brides who have finished their wedding reception and are heading to the next stage of their lives. In addition to pregnancy support and health support, we will also develop products and measures to empower women in the area of ​​``bridal care.''

As part of our efforts to strengthen bridal care support, we are first recruiting ``Claro ``bride'' ambassadors'' . We will ask women who like Claro products, including "Black and Mugwort Beauty Enzyme", to become ambassadors and stimulate and support demand for beauty/health/fertility, gifts, and bridal care for Claro products. I'll enjoy having this.

<Recruitment requirements>
◇Application qualifications:
・People who like Claro products such as ``Black and Mugwort Beauty Enzyme'' . Also, those who want to try "Black and Mugwort Beauty Enzyme" for the first time, women who have had a reception between January 1, 2023 and the end of December 2024, and those who are planning a reception.・Following Claro's Instagram (*There are no requirements on the number of followers you have)
・Able to act as an ambassador (see details below)
- Possible to be published/exposure in our company's media, etc. - Possible to participate in product explanation/questionnaire with Hiromi Maruto, our representative and product developer (once online in October) date held)
◇Ambassador benefits:
・Free delivery of 3 months worth of each of “Black and Mugwort Bikan Enzyme” and “Aromatic Roasted Malt Tea” ・Introduction of ambassador/Instagram on our website etc. ・Ambassador activity support ◇Activity period: 6 months ( (October 2022 to March 2023)
◇Activity details: Post on SNS such as Instagram at least twice a month, or introduce/promote Claro products in your own activities ◇Number of people wanted: 5 people planned (We will select from among applicants Let me do it)
◇How to apply: Please contact Claro official Instagram by DM .
<Matters to be stated>
・Name: (Instagram name is fine)
・Residence: (Entering the prefecture is fine)
・Reception date:
・Reception venue:
・Enthusiasm for the ambassador:
<Application period>
・September 13, 2023 (Wednesday) - October 6, 2023 (Friday)
◇ Selection point: Your activities match our brand image and strategy ◇ Announcement: Those selected as ambassadors will be contacted via Instagram DM (early October)
◇Contact information:
・Bride Ambassador Desk (

We are looking forward to your applications!

Black and mugwort beauty enzyme

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